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COVID-19 Update April 2020

Dear Clients, 

We wish to thank you for your continued loyalty during these times and co-operation following new and evolving protocols. 

If you have visited the store in the last few weeks you are aware we are serving clients through back parking lot entry only. This is to limit the number of customers in the store at the same time, and to provide an opportunity to sanitize hands before handling product. We have high-demand items upon entering such as pain/fever, allergy relief, vitamins, shampoo, personal care, diapers, and grocery. Please note the supply chain has been affected and some items previously advertised in flyers (toilet paper, household cleaners) may not be available. Homecare rentals have been suspended as well as private consultations (Fittings, CPAP), however Mobility equipment, Daily Living Aids, and Home Health Care supplies are available. If product you are looking for is not in sight our staff is happy to shop for you as browsing in front of store is not currently permitted. 

Please note – we are only able to supply medication for 30 days, with rare exceptions at the pharmacist’s discretion. This policy from the Canadian Pharmacists Association aims to ensure that all patients have access to their medication. Prescription refills can be requested by phone, online, or DIEM mobile app. Free local delivery is available. A $25.00 order minimum is required for non-prescription deliveries. Curbside pickup is also available. Please call (905) 877-3339 to place an order or when ready for pickup. Orders may also be submitted to  

Effective April 20th store hours are extending to 9am-8pm Monday – Friday. Many clients have been stopping in just before close so hopefully the extended hours allow more opportunity to shop during off-peak times and allow physical distance between customers and staff. 

We wish to acknowledge everyone who is staying home, shopping conscientiously, and doing their part to keep our community safe. Thank you to our Front-line and Essential Workers – We stand with you, Be Well. 

Young’s Pharmacy and Homecare. 

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