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60th Anniversary Event

Last week, we held our 60th anniversary event at Young’s on Main Street. We are humbled by the support from everyone that was able to attend our event. Here’s a few pictures from the event, which was attended by our MP and Mayor.


2 thoughts on “60th Anniversary Event

  1. Congratulations! Sorry I missed it since I now reside in Oakville to be closer to my daughters since my wife Estelle passed away in July 2015. Estelle loved to shop in your store and I bought her many gifts (Clothes, pillows, perfumes, CD, and little trinkets) throughout the years we lived in the Glen (1995-2015).

    sincerely, Arthur Grey

  2. Congratulations! We are so sorry to have missed your special event. We were out of town.

    Youngs Pharmacy is our “go-to” for just about everything! The staff knows us by first name, always helpful and patient. Your pharmacy is THE very best pharmacy that my husband and I have ever frequented. Randy is always able to answer medical questions. The cookies and coffee always very much appreciated too!

    Best wishes,
    Heather and Magnus Kilian

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