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Tackle Flu Season Head-On with Young’s

Georgetown Flu Shot

As we see the cool weather make its appearance and continue to reminisce about the great memories from this wonderfully warm summer, it’s time to start thinking about staying healthy this upcoming winter season.  It’s time to think about that flu-shot.

Getting your flu-shot in time can help reduce the chances of needing to visit the hospital for both kids and adults. The flu season usually occurs between November and April each year in Canada. The flu can affect anyone, and can lead to serious complications or death. Some groups at higher risk of complications are: pregnant women, young children, people with certain medical conditions and seniors.

If you’re looking to get your flu-shot this season, your Young’s Pharmacy will be here to administer it, starting October 20th. No appointment needed, you can just walk-in whenever it’s convenient and one of our pharmacists will be here to administer the immunization.

We look forward to seeing you and helping you have a healthy and safe winter season.